Dr  Ujjwal Das

P.G. Department of Geography, Fakir Mohan University, New campus, Nuapadhi, Balasore, Odisha
+91 964****604

Address for Communication:
Susunia, Siromonipur, Raipur, Bankura, 722134,West Bengal

Nationality: India

Academic Qualification

M.Phil. in Population Studies, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai

Position held

Research Scholar


1. Das, U., & Chakrabortty, D. (2021). Is Childhood Mortality Higher in Urban Poor Than in Rural India?.
2. Das, U., & Mohanty, S. K. (2021). Regional Pattern of Under-five Mortality in Odisha. POPULATION AND SOCIAL PROTECTION, 129.
3. Das & Das (2021).Relationship between Household quintile and child health status in Odisha, 2015-16. Health population and perspective issue, 44(4), 208-230.
4. Das (2022) Urban poverty and childhood mortality in India: A Geo-spatial Analysis. India 2021: Population Health ,ISBN: 978-81-951589-1-1, pp: 63-87
5. Das, U., Chaplot, B., & Azamathulla, H. M. (2021). The Role of Place of Delivery in Preventing Neonatal and Infant Mortality Rate in India. Geographies, 1(1), 47-62.


2 Year Research Experience

Area of Specialization

Public Health and Mortality

Membership of other Professional Associations

Institute of India Geographer (IIG)

I Ujjwal Das, PhD scholar department of geography, Rajiv, Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh; Assistant professor (Temporary) P.G. department of Geography, Fakir, Mohan University, Balasore, Odisha