The Joint Meeting of Board of Trustees and Executive Committee held at ISEC, Bangalore on 16.10.2008 approved the membership application of 24 Life and 20 Annual members for admission to IASP. And the General body meeting of the IASP was held on Oct 18, 2008.

Dr. C. Chandrasekharan memorial award presentation was organized as commonly done in the IASP conferences. Six papers were presented by the young scholars and the Evaluators selected two papers for the award. The young scholars selected for the award include : Ms. Priyanka Dixit for her paper on Fertility Change and its Determinants in India: A decomposition Analysis and Mr. Avishek Hazra for his paper on Health Insurance and Health Care Utilization in India: An Empirical Study with Special Reference to Social Health Insurance.

The five best posters selected for the Dr. S.N. Singh award include: Praveen Kumar Pathak for the paper on Socioeconomic Inequalities in Utilization of Delivery Care Services in India, Samik Chowdhury for the paper on Economic Burden of Illness among Urban Poor: A Case Study of Selected Slums in Delhi, Rajan Kumar, K for the paper on Fertility Change in Uttar Pradesh: A Parity Progression Ratio Approach, Tina Dutta for the paper on Urban poor, Public Health Amenities and Infant Mortality in Greater Mumbai and Sancheeta Ghosh for the paper on Trends in Cesarean section Deliveries in India.

IASP Election

The association's election for the term 2008-10 was held in the month of March 2009 to elect the President, 10 members for the Executive Committee and two members of the Board of Trustees. The returning officer of the election was Mr. A.K.Saxena, ARG, Office of the Registrar General, New Delhi, India.

Following are the elected members:
President – Prof. Arvind Pandey (Un-opposed)

Executive Committee members: Prof. Pradeep Mishra, Prof. K.K. Singh, Prof. D.C. Nath Prof. A. Subbaiah, Dr. U.V. Somayajulu, Prof. Sayeed Unisa, Dr. Suresh Chandra Sharma, Dr. Usha Ram, Mr. C.V.S. Prasad and Dr. Mohanachandran Nair.

Members of the Board of Trustee: Prof. D.P. Singh (Un-opposed) and Dr. K.V.R.
Subrahmanyam (Un-opposed).
In the Joint Executive Committee meeting held on 26.04.2009 at NIMS, New Delhi the office bearers of the association for the term 2008-10 were elected. They are as follows;







Vice Presidents : 1. Prof. D.C.Nath

                             2. Prof. A.Subbaiah

General Secretary : Prof. Pradeep Mishra

Treasurer : Prof. K.K.Singh   

Joint Secretaries : 1. Dr. Usha Ram

                               2. Dr. U.V.Somayajulu 

Besides the office bearers as given above, the following members of the EC were made conveners of the regional chapters of the association:

1.                  South Dr. Mohanachandran Nair

2.                  West Prof. Sayeed Unisa  

3.                  East Prof. D.C. Nath

4.                  North Dr. Suresh Sharma


The EC nominated Sri S.K.Das, Director General, Central Statistical Organization (CSO), New Delhi and Prof. P.M.Kulkarni, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi as co-opted members of the association.

The EC reviewed the membership applications for IASP. In all, 28 Life and 9 Annual members were admitted. The EC decided to increase the membership fee from Rs. 300/- to Rs.500/- for Annual membership and from Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- for Life membership.

Announcement 1: Thirty First Annual Conference of IASP

We are pleased to inform that the Thirty First Annual Conference of IASP will be held at the Department of Population Studies, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. Further details about the dates and theme will be shared with the members in the due course. We urge the members to send us their valuable suggestions regarding the theme and sub themes for the conference and possible partner organisations to be considered.

 Announcement 2: K. Srinivasan Award for best papers in Demography India

Two of the best papers published in Demography India during January to December issues of 2008, one on Demographic techniques and the other on substantive Demography, will be selected for the Srinivasan Award. The selection of the best papers will be made by the Editorial Committee of the Journal and communicated by the Chief Editor during the next conference.


Announcement 3: Renewal of Annual Membership

The annual members who have not renewed their membership are requested to send the membership fee of Rs 500.


     Announcement 4: Updating the Address of IASP Members

All the members are requested to kindly communicate change of address, if any, along with e mail address. You can visit the website of IASP ( and check your mailing address given under the “Member: Annual/Life”. Due to non availability of correct address of the members many a times the communication sent by IASP comes back. We seek cooperation of all the members to overcome this problem and appreciate your timely help in updating the member information as per the format given below. This form can be e mailed to with cc to The members are requested to send the information relating to demise of any of the members and change in the address of other members so that the member data base can be updated.








Telephone (Work)


Telephone (Home)




E mail Id


Mailing Address




Type of Membership

Life Membership / Annual Membership





Looking forward to your active support in strengthening IASP