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Note to Contributors

Contributions of scientific interest to all students of population, in the form of articles, notes, reviews etc., will be considered for publication. Contributions should be sent to the Editor in triplicate together with a certificate that the contribution is the author's own original work and has not been published and sent for publication elsewhere. A published article in Demography India should not be reprinted in any form without prior written permission of the Association. The author is also requested to send an abstract of about 200 words highlighting the topic and results of the contribution.

The author should retain a copy to facilitate reference back, where necessary. Contributions should be typed in double space with a margin at least of 4 cm on each side.

Graphs and figures should be given in separate sheets. Footnotes should be numbered serially and placed at the end of the text.

References: The citation of books, periodicals and other sources should be done with references in parentheses in the text, e.g. (Nanda, 1991). Where necessary, a page citation can be added, e.g. (Nanda, 1991:10). Citation of material having three or more authors should give just the senior author, e.g. (Pathak et al.1990).

List of references should be given at the end of the article and should be alphabetized by the last name of the senior author. The references should be in the following form:

Article: Dyson, Tim and Moore, Mick, 1983, On kinship structure, female autonomy, and demographic behaviour in India. Population and Development Review, 9(1): 35-60.

Book: Cassen, R.H., 1978, India: Population Economy Society. Delhi, Macmillan.

Chapter in book: Ramachandran, L. 1989, Population and Development in Post-Independent India. In: S. N. Singh et al. (eds.), Population Transition in India, B. R. Publishing Corpn., Delhi

Source(s) at the end of the table should be given as shown below:

Sources: India, ORGCC (1974: 16; 1980: 21-22); India, Cabinet Secretariat (1971: 6).

Citations of other types of material shall contain sufficient information permitting an interested reader to locate it.

The author will receive 25 reprints free of cost.





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